Writing for PWM & FRIM

Writing for
PWM & FRim

While copy for the wealth and investment management side of the First Republic brand should adhere to our general brand guidelines, there are some departures that should be noted.

How is writing for

First, our Private Wealth Management (PWM) and First Republic Investment Management (FRIM) target audiences are a bit more savvy about financial matters, and our communications should reflect that sophistication.

Second, wealth and investment products, unlike financial deposits, are not insured by the FDIC, which is chiefly why PWM/FRIM copy triggers an entirely separate set of disclosures.

To reflect this, when PWM/FRIM copy is displayed next to general banking copy, it must be treated differently visually, either set off in its own box or on a shaded background.

And finally, promissory language, while always something to avoid when writing for our brand, should be of particular concern here.

PWM & frim copy

Here are some brand- and compliance-approved ways to speak about this side of the house.

We’re setting a new standard for wealth management.


We’re here to help you grow your wealth and envision your future.


We look forward to becoming your indispensable partner in building a life of impact and meaning.


Partner with industry leaders and a team that’s focused on the client, not products.


Unbiased perspective, entrepreneurial approach, extraordinary service: That’s the First Republic Advantage.


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