Brand Architecture




Like scaffolding that’s used when constructing buildings, brand architecture is the framework that supports a growing and ever-evolving brand.

How it works

As the organizational structure of our brands, products and services, brand architecture guides how all these elements work together to deliver a cohesive brand experience. Included is a system of names, symbols, colors and visual vocabulary that defines relationships between our brand assets.

Why it matters

A well-implemented brand architecture offers many benefits. Internally, it serves as a valuable tool for optimizing marketing efficiency and performance and helps colleagues understand their place in the enterprise. Externally, brand architecture guides clients and stakeholders in understanding the complexities of a multifaceted organization.

What we Achieve

Consistent client experience

Enhanced brand equity

Cohesive storytelling capability

Clear market differentiation

Branded House

Within our branded house architecture, First Republic is the parent brand and sets the tone and standard for all that we do.

Scroll sideways to view branches of our brand family tree.

First Republic logo

The First Republic logo represents our overarching brand and should be applied to raise awareness of our capabilities as an enterprise.

Business line logos

The First Republic Bank logo and the First Republic Private Wealth Management logo represent our business lines. They must be used when promoting products and services unique to them or when required by law.

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