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We believe our clients say it best. For over 30 years, testimonials have been core to our marketing efforts. Happy clients who are willing to recommend us are a key industry differentiator for First Republic.

Where to Find


We run hundreds of print and digital ads featuring testimonials across leading regional and national publications annually. Titles include The Economist, the New York Times Magazine, and the San Francisco Business Times.

Annual Report

We print 400,000 copies that are mailed to clients and prospects and stocked at our offices for sales support. The online edition is available on and emailed to clients.


We display testimonials outside and inside our offices, which generate hundreds of millions of views annually.


Sales-facing colleagues use the platform to create custom collateral featuring testimonials.


We publish all testimonials on

Other Marketing

We feature testimonials on ATM screens, social media, landing pages, login screens, direct mail and more.


We feature testimonials from personal and business clients and aim to present a balanced selection representative of our different regions, target industries and products. Our client selections support current business priorities and upcoming advertising campaigns.



This is the body text that appears as a single paragraph in the Annual Report and on It introduces the client and describes their relationship with First Republic.

The copy is informed by the interview transcript and the biographical details, links and messaging goals provided.

General specs:

  • Word count: 90–110
  • Written in third person

For consumer testimonials, the focus should be on the Bank’s relationship with the individual(s) and their personal banking experience (a separate business banking relationship can be mentioned if relevant).

For business testimonials, the copy should focus on the business and its relationship with the Bank, not just an individual relationship.

Structure: The following structure works well as a starting point, but not every testimonial must follow this formula:

  • Introduce the client/business
  • What are their values? Do they share values with First Republic?
  • What inspired their career path?
  • What are their successes?
  • What makes them unique? What are their passions/hobbies?
  • What differentiates their business from competitors?
  • How was the client introduced to the Bank?
  • What is the client’s relationship to the Bank?
  • Why does the client trust the Bank?
  • How does First Republic understand and support their vision and goals?
  • Are there any specific examples or anecdotes about how the Bank served them?
  • What makes First Republic different than other banks?
  • How is the Bank supporting their business/family/goals?
  • How does working with First Republic benefit their business, personal life, or future financial plans?
  • Why is the Bank proud to serve this client?
  • Concluding sentence to tie up the story


A quote accompanies the testimonial portrait in every use case. The quotes are informed by the provided interview transcript and messaging goals.

General specs:

  • We require a range of quote themes and lengths to suit different marketing channels and word count limitations.
  • Guidelines for word counts (exceptions can be made based on character count):
  • 22-word max for print ads
  • 15-word max for landing page hero
  • 60-character max for digital ads
  • Written in the first person
  • Must include “First Republic” and be able to stand alone without additional context.
  • If the general intent remains, we can modify the quotes from the transcript.

Avoid quotes that are very similar to existing quotes since multiple testimonials often appear alongside each other. Aim for a unique or fresh sentiment.

Pay close attention to new ways of defining First Republic’s service or value proposition.

Ideally, quotes should be unique to the client and their experience (specific industry, lifestyle, etc.).

Process notes

Testimonial copy requires review and approvals.

  • Client Marketing reviews to ensure copy meets brand standards and supports marketing goals
  • Relevant marketing manager reviews (in certain cases) to ensure copy supports business needs and planned usage channels
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Compliance

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